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Top 5 Considerations When Adopting Zero Trust

30 mins

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Anna Liu

Anna Liu

Product Manager Team Lead

On-Demand Webinar: Top 5 Considerations When Adopting Zero Trust

Zero Trust is not a new concept, but only in recent years have organizations prioritized efforts towards adopting the architecture. And in the past two years, with teams increasingly becoming distributed or remote, there has been a greater need for Zero Trust than ever before. However, current tech stacks hardly offer ideal support for BYOD, let alone mass adoption of a mobile workforce.

With Zero Trust, organizations reduce their attack surface, develop identity-first concepts in place of device IPs, build in continuous authentication, establish a trust model that removes inherent trust, and move towards the principle of least privilege and passwordless systems.

Join Twingate’s Product Manager Team Lead, Anna Liu, for a brief presentation discussing how to successfully build a foundation towards adopting and implementing a Zero Trust strategy.

After joining this session, you’ll come away with:

  • A path towards Zero Trust adoption
  • Processes needed prior to tool evaluation
  • Myths squashed and buzzwords decrypted
  • Resources for building a Zero Trust architecture