How Jade Global delivers world-class IT services with a distributed workforce using Twingate

Jade Global leverages Twingate to improve security and internet connectivity for its employees around the world, and to lighten the administrative burden on its IT team, leading to greater employee productivity and satisfaction.

70% faster
to deploy compared to VPN
100% higher
connection speed compared to VPN
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for a fully remote workforce
Twingate has delivered a seamless user experience without the headaches involved with legacy VPN solutions
Amit Raj
Head of IT


Shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jade Global’s entire 1,000+ strong workforce transitioned to remote working. The dispersion of a large, globally distributed workforce to their homes immediately posed numerous challenges for the IT team.

Jade Global’s employees were suddenly relying on home internet connections to communicate with colleagues and clients to get their work done. These home connections varied in quality and reliability, with employees competing with their families and neighbors for bandwidth. With a global workforce, working from San Jose, Philadelphia, Hyderabad, Pune, and other locations, teams across various parts of the company were forced to use a VPN to access critical internal resources such as intranet sites, development and production environments, and various on-premises servers. This concentrated load on the VPN was creating significant performance issues and imposing an additional tax on Jade Global’s workforce: “We were seeing a 50-60% degradation in bandwidth when users had their VPNs enabled. This was also impacting other applications that didn’t need a VPN, like Zoom video calls,” said Aditya Jalindre, Technical Analyst for Information Security. It was taking longer for people to get their work done.

Setting up VPN access for employees was also a complicated exercise involving many steps and IT support, and the move to remote work made IT support more difficult to provide. Not only were IT staff and users no longer in the same buildings, but users were now located in heterogeneous environments that the IT team had no physical access to or control over.

While their VPN was essential to their operations, it was imposing an overhead across the entire organization. For a large enterprise like Jade Global, that compounded to create substantial levels of lost productivity.


Jade Global wasn’t actively looking for something to replace their VPN at the time, but when they had the opportunity to test Twingate, they immediately saw the potential to address the challenges they were facing with their VPN.

When assessing solutions, Jade Global’s IT team pays close attention to the user experience, since user satisfaction is a key measure in ensuring that they are delivering great service to the rest of the company. The team continually gathers feedback and NPS (net promoter score) ratings from employees about their initiatives, so any solution had to make users’ lives measurably better, and allow them to be quantifiably more productive.

Additionally, because Jade Global had not previously planned or budgeted to roll out a VPN replacement, it was important that any solution had to be implementable by the IT team without disrupting planned projects, and to reduce the IT team’s workload in the future. Therefore, not only did the solution need to be easy to maintain on an ongoing basis, but it had to be easy to deploy and cost-effective as well.


Happier, More Productive Users

With Twingate garnering an NPS from Jade Global’s end users in the “promoter” range, Jalindre noted that employees were very happy with the speed improvements and ease of use that Twingate offered.

  • Faster connectivity: Regarding Twingate’s impact on connection speeds, Jalindre identified Twingate’s default split tunnel architecture as something that contributed to “top notch performance” and said that Twingate felt more “like connecting to a local network” when compared with their VPN. The ability for users to connect more directly to destination resources rather than having all their traffic channeled through a central VPN server also led Raja Sekhar, VP, Enterprise Solutions to remark, “I think the most tangible benefit [of Twingate] is speed, as it saves me time to get access to applications like Tableau. Now that everyone is working from home, time is precious and I am grateful for Twingate.”

  • Ease of use: The fact that Twingate’s client app was unintrusive to users was valued. “Twingate is fast, simple, easy to use and always runs in the background without me noticing. It is so much better than the previous VPN my company made me use,” Sekhar noted. “The user experience is truly seamless.”

Making IT Teams More Efficient

Twingate’s ease of deployment meant that Jade Global’s IT team was able to roll out Twingate in short order without disrupting their planned slate of other projects.

  • Simple server-side deployment and administration: Change management is often a significant barrier to adopting new solutions, even if they are demonstrably better than what they are replacing. Twingate makes deployment on the server side simple by not requiring any infrastructure changes nor requiring existing VPNs to be removed. A centralized admin console gives administrators visibility over their entire enterprise’s access control policies and activity. Amit Raj, Delivery Director, identified that a “major difference to a VPN is that Twingate is very easy to use. We can manage [access to] resources very easily.”

  • Simple client-side deployment: Twingate has a lightweight client that can be easily installed by users without configuring any settings. The 11 steps required for Jade Global users to set up their VPN client were replaced by only 3 steps required for Twingate. No longer did users need IT support to gain remote access to their internal resources. Raj noted that “deployment of security tools is difficult for IT teams to manage, but Twingate’s focus on easy end user adoption has made securing corporate resources an easy change management exercise.”

  • Improved security for peace of mind: For a services organization like Jade Global with hundreds of business customers, data security is paramount and sacrificing security for usability would not have been acceptable. Twingate was simultaneously able to deliver improved security to Jade Global by implementing a zero trust architecture which is fundamentally more secure than traditional VPNs. Aditya Jalindre said that Twingate’s security architecture was “particularly thoughtfully designed” and Raj added that, “We can sleep easy at night knowing that we’ve adopted a least privileged access model.”

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