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Announcing the Twingate 2022 Zero Trust Outlook Report

Announcing the Twingate 2022 Zero Trust Outlook Report

In many ways, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a complete paradigm shift from how we currently approach network security and access control. Over the last few years, traditional models of a network perimeter have eroded as organizations worldwide support BYOD and work from anywhere models. The very concept of the fixed network perimeter is fading away. Resources, users, devices — and threats — could be anywhere, on any network. ZTNA transforms network access control to address this modern reality.

For the past decade, Zero Trust (ZT) has evolved from a mere concept into a trusted architecture adopted by some of the fastest-growing organizations worldwide. As an architecture and a set of principles, Zero Trust offers a path towards securing a world that supports distributed workforces, a blended network perimeter, and does not make broad assumptions about who or what should have access to data.

Download the 2022 Zero Trust Outlook Report

We want to help you understand ZTNA, its benefits, and its use cases. We also want to bust one of the myths that have kept organizations from adopting Zero Trust practices: ZTNA is too difficult, confusing, or time-consuming to implement correctly (or at all).

Our 2022 Zero Trust Outlook Report analyzes the latest industry trends, where organizations start their Zero Trust journey, and what the architecture will look like in the years ahead.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What Zero Trust offers while dispelling myths and buzzwords
  • How, who, and why organizations are building Zero Trust strategies
  • About the ideal Zero Trust maturity model based on NIST, CISA, and other validated sources
  • The best way to build a successful foundation for Zero Trust — download the report to learn more

Adopt ZNTA for your organization

Twingate’s Zero Trust Network Access solution lets you adopt a modern security and access control approach. ZTNA protects critical resources while replacing brittle, expensive infrastructure with a simple, easily-managed software solution.

Fifteen minutes is all it takes to deploy Twingate’s modern ZTNA solution. To find out how contact Twingate today.

Rapidly implement a modern Zero Trust network that is more secure and maintainable than VPNs.

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