Secure remote access to your AWS resources

Twingate enables your remote teams to securely access cloud resources with only a few clicks. No VPN required. Simple access management.

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Setup secure remote access in 15 minutes

Deploy a Twingate connector

Create an account, and deploy a Twingate connector with a few lines of code via EC2, ECS or Kubernetes

Add AWS resources

Add resources you want to manage via Twingate to your admin console, and grant users access via G-suite or Okta

Access resources securely

Invite you team to install Twingate and access AWS resources securely

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Architecture at a glance

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Twingate relies on four components—the Controller, Clients, Connectors and Relays.

The Controller is a central coordination component that stores configuration changes via the Admin console, registers Connectors, and issues signed authorizations to Clients making connection requests.

The Client's role is to act as a combined authentication and authorization proxy for user requests for private Resources.

The Connector is delivered as a Docker container and is intended to be deployed behind the firewall of a private Remote network.

The Relay can be considered to be the equivalent of a TURN server in WebRTC nomenclature. It serves as a registration point for Connectors, and as a connection point for Clients looking to establish connections to Connectors.


Plus, your team will love it

Integrates with existing security stack

Seamless integration with major identity providers including Okta and Gsuite.

No complicated configuration changes

Deploy without any complex network changes. No more complex ACLs or Firewall policies to set up.

No changes to existing workflows

Access resources like you expect. No need to learn new hostnames or destination addresses.

Self-enrollment and onboarding

Apps available on all major platforms. No more VPN profiles, just sign-in with SSO and connect.

Blazing fast, wherever you are

Smart traffic routing means only traffic bound for private resources reaches your remote networks.

Seamlessly scales to your needs

Twingate is designed to scale to meet the demands of remote work while reducing load on your network.

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